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Quality assurance department, an independent quality supervision and control department of Spring, has the major responsibilities for the maintenance of quality management system of the company, coordination and treatment of the quality problems, treatment of customers’ complaints and inspection of corrective and preventive actions, inspection of the products and physical property detection of rubber materials.
We have a professional team of laboratory assistants and inspectors, equipped with all kinds of inspection equipment such as density meters, analytical balances, vulka meters, tension detectors, brittleness temperature detectors, thermal ageing boxes and shore durometers. We can make the detection of the product performance according to the USASTM2000 standard so as to ensure that the products are in accordance with the customers’ requirements in material’s physical property.
With a complete product quality control flow, we have full-time staffs in charge of inspection control from raw material incoming inspection, mould and sample inspection, production process inspection and control, and warehouse-out inspection so as to ensure the size and appearance of the products in accordance with the customers’ requirements.